White House Creations

Chef Roland's annual gingerbread White House became a beloved Christmas tradition

Chef proudly presents one of his desserts to the camera in the White House hallway before presenting it to guests.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996

Mrs. Clinton proudly presents Roland's chocolate Easter egg topped with a spun sugar peacock.

A fantastic gingerbread castle shown at a Clinton Christmas Open House. Presidential pets "Socks" and "Buddy" can be seen ice skating in the foreground.

"Florabunda" A gorgeous dessert of melon sorbet and carved fresh fruit. Chef Roland always used fresh, seasonal fruit as a centerpiece in his desserts.

"Topiary Valencia" a majestic dessert for the King of Spain

Chocolate showpiece displayed at George W. Bush's Inauguration Ball, 2001

A diplomatic dessert for the fiftieth anniversary of NATO - raspberry nougat glacee served with a champagne sabayon sauce.

A close up of the chocolate coffee grinder which was filled with coffee ice cream and was the base for the dessert served at the State Dinner in honor of Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi on October 6, 2003.

Hand blown sugar giraffes were featured on the dessert for the Kenyan State Dinner and were served alongside the chocolate coffee grinder with sesame, pineapple and coconut petits fours. This State Dinner creation was Chef Roland's last before he retired from the White House in 2004.